Comprehensive Executive Recruitment

Freeman Philanthropic Services, LLC (FPS) is a full-service firm specializing in strategic organizational assessment, comprehensive recruitment, and a range of planning, management, fundraising and training consulting services. We adapt our comprehensive services to strategically meet the needs of our clients. FPS distinguishes itself, we believe, in its inextricable link and in-depth knowledge of the not-for-profit sector. We do not employ a corporate "headhunting" paradigm to meet what we know to be unique third-sector needs. Rather, we offer the personal understanding, attachment, and deep commitment to recruiting mission-driven professionals with the experience, leadership, and solid track record of success to move our clients forward on their chosen paths. Through our team's experience as executive recruiters, advancement professionals, not-for-profit executives, and consultants, we offer singular insight in identifying the specific individuals possessing the talent, drive, and record of achievement to merit leading our clients' teams.

We believe that the best process in identifying the exact leaders our clients seek is one of teamwork. We do not consider our work to be something we do for our clients, but rather, with our clients. The search process consists of three distinct phases, as defined below. The timeline is dependent on the complexity of each search; we modify and finalize the search structure to best meet our client's needs and timeframe.

Phase One: The Launch

During this critical phase, FPS works closely with the client to further define the vision for the position. In our individual meetings with key stakeholders, we discuss the relationships, skills, responsibilities and challenges of the position. These confidential meetings are important to deepen our understanding of the current institutional opportunities and needs and bolster our ability to find qualified candidates who will be a value-adding cultural fit. Based on these discussions, we develop the position profile, written and designed to reflect the institutional culture and attract the interest of the highest quality candidates. The profile will include the description of the search, the challenges of the position, the successful candidate qualifications, and reporting and other important relationships. In addition to targeted research, we develop a strategic advertising plan to brand and authenticate the search within the not-for-profit community.

Phase Two: Networking, Candidate Identification & Development

Using our extensive networks, targeted research, and our proven in-depth knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, our focus during this phase is to find sources and prospects in order to identify, develop, and screen potential candidates. It is our job to identify candidates of the highest caliber; those with diverse experience, who know how to cultivate and develop relationships, inspire confidence, and truly understand the institutional mission and culture. We work as our client's advocate, utilizing our intentional and intuitive skills in locating those people who stand above all others in leadership, character, professional experience, and proven ability. We begin the initial screening and interview process, which includes resume review, phone screening interviews, face-to-face interviews, and completion of a preliminary reference. We will conduct face-to-face interviews with qualified prospects and evaluate each candidate on the basis of experience and probable cultural fit. Throughout this phase, we provide our client with regular updates on the search. These updates include substantive data on our progress and findings to date, the current status of those prospects that are in the candidate development pipeline, and the estimated timeline for next steps.

Phase Three: Semi-Finalists, Interviews & The Final Selection

At the conclusion of Phase Two, we have a pool of highly capable and thoroughly vetted candidates for our client's consideration. During the Candidate Presentation, we review each candidate's strengths and experiences through resume review, skills analyses, and initial reference checks. Every candidate that we present has undergone a rigorous screening, interview, and reference process. We assist in arranging interviews between institutional stakeholders and the selected candidates. We conduct additional thorough written reference checks on each selected candidate, utilizing our extensive contact network to obtain honest and confidential insights about each candidate's qualifications and background. We assist in shaping the offer and negotiating the successful hire. In addition, we work in partnership with our client to provide all necessary human resource reporting data.

Phyllis Oakley, Board Chairperson
U.S. Committee for the U.N.F.P.A. Populations Fund

"The United States Committee for UNFPA faced several major challenges - our President was undergoing extensive medical treatment and could not work, the staff that was left was dispirited and without direction, and we needed help to face a new political climate in Washington that would not release Congressionally approved money for UNFPA. Fortunately, we found Gail Freeman, and she lead us by the hand through the search process with the result that we have a dynamic new president and and vice president for development. We feel the Committee is back on track and blazing ahead, thanks to this new leadership, and the insights we gained through the search process about our own goals and direction. For non-profit organizations and institutions, I recommend Freeman Philanthropic Services without hesitation. They did a wonderful job for us."

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